This technique is a practical application of quantum physics according to which every reality can be described as energy or vibration because everything is light and information. In the quantum field, the old reality collapses and new possibilities manifest instantaneously. It is a brand-new Western technique that guarantees tangible results for the resolution of both physical and emotional problems from the first session. The characteristic of this method is the simultaneous connection of two points through the operator’s intention and awareness. The two points in question are: one on the person’s body (therefore in their energy field) and one within the Matrix (therefore in the field of infinite possibilities). This connection allows information to pass from one point to another, thus enriching the personal energy field of the individual undergoing the session with new, very useful information.

Preferred in the case of:

  • Goals to achieve
  • Longing for newness and change
  • Stagnant situations from which it is necessary to get out quickly
  • Remote treatment possible

How do I use Matrix

Matrix-2-Point is the tool I use to break down the walls of bad habits and to defuse established behavioral patterns that automatically trigger without giving us time to see that right there, in that exact point of existence, other viable paths could open up which give access to new scenarios.
For this reason, as a first meeting I recommend a Reiki treatment, which allows me to “see” in order to then better “select” the information with which to integrate the energy field during the Matrix-2-Point session. Information added to the person’s energy field will always be in-line with their Soul’s blueprint. None of my work is done without contact with the Soul.

How the treatment takes place

The Matrix-2-Point session takes place standing, with the receiver positioning themselves near the wall. The receiver will sense a push, which should not be resisted. This push does not come from me, I will only have 2 fingers resting gently on the receiver’s shoulder. The thrust is the result of the “collapse of the wave”, that is, the difference between the two realities that I have connected: the present reality to change and the desired one we want to achieve. Between Matrix sessions, I highly recommend using a personalized bouquet of Bach Flowers, resulting from the dynamics explored during the Matrix session. Bach flowers pleasantly support internal self-work, teaching one to be open, listening and welcoming.

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