Readings are an “analysis and feedback of reality in an energetic-spiritual key”. They are the set of information I receive when I ask for a stronger connection with the invisible world and with the Guides. This allows you to have access to a higher plane of reality. Nothing happens by chance. Meetings, events, where we live, the parents or siblings we have are not accidental, the relationships we weave are not accidental. Everything has a precise goal, set a long time before incarnating on Earth, then, during the descent, many things are forgotten, our outlook on things, our intentions, everything is wrapped in a blanket of fog and almost nothing remains of the ancient resolutions and covenant pacts that we make with the other Souls who come down with us. We no longer remember and we no longer know how to “read others or the situations around”. Readings are used precisely for this; they are readings of one’s own and others’ energy fields to see our reality and our relationships for what they really are: tools of spiritual evolution to remember who we are.

Preferred in case of:

  • Concerns or lack of clarity related to people, relationships, situations
  • Doubts about the future (employment, school, etc.)
  • Practiced remotely

How do I use Readings

Like all the other tools in my work, the gift of “reading” is used only for developmental purposes. I therefore will not practice Reading for unethical purposes, which infringe the rights of others or for mere curiosity.

How the session takes place

The session takes place remotely by phone. You can send me photos of yourself or others and I will tell you everything that the connection with the invisible world allows me to see. Various kinds of information will be received and at the end of the reading I will be happy to answer your questions.

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