Reiki…the Universal Energy

The word Reiki is composed of the union of two Japanese ideograms (Rei, the Universal Energy and Ki, the Personal Energy) which therefore identifies the principle of equality between the Energy that flows in our bodies and that which permeates everything surrounding us.
Reiki is an oriental energy technique developed in the early 1900s by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui which spread very quickly all over the world. Reiki is an extremely relaxing technique that fights physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony. It is an Energy of Love and Care, with no contraindications, capable of restoring the balance between the body and mind in each of us. When vital energy does not flow regularly within our body, an imbalance is created. The main function of Reiki is to restore this balance at every level.

Preferred in the case of:

  • Pain of various kinds
  • Post-chemo and radiation recovery
  • Stress, insomnia, nervousness
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Lack of stimulation and self-esteem
  • Lack of goals in life, apathy, sadness, states of “inner fog”
  • Suitable for everyone of all ages; infants, children, adults, elderly, pregnant women
  • Remote treatment possible

How I use Reiki

Reiki, combined with my ability to see and with me being a “link between two worlds” (the visible and the invisible), allows me to understand what really stands between the person and their full realization and fulfillment. In connection with the recipient’s Soul and their soul’s projects, Reiki allows me to release energies and dissolve dynamics. For this, at the end of each treatment, we will take the time to chat. What I will tell you will probably be unusual, however it will resonate in you, it will “speak to you”, a first reconnection will be created between you and your Soul. From there starts our “Common Path”; I will be by your side when necessary, but the real change will be the result of your choice, the courageous choice to implement the projects that your Soul has for you on this earth.

How the treatment takes place

During the treatment, you will lie comfortably on a soft bed for about an hour. I will bring my hands close to certain points of your body, corresponding to what Eastern medicine calls “energy doors”. In this way, the Universal Energy will be able to pass from my hands to your physical body and your energy bodies, nourishing them and dissolving the dynamics that contribute to your disharmony.
I recommend integrating Reiki treatment with a Bach Flower mix. The bottle will consist of a personalized bouquet of Flowers, resulting from the dynamics uncovered during the Reiki treatment. Bach Flowers pleasantly support internal self-work, teaching one to be open, listening and welcoming.

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