Remote treatments

Remote treatments

Each of the treatments I propose can be carried out in my studio or remotely and the benefits are exactly the same. When working with the field of energies, time and space take on a completely different form. In the spirit world (the 5th dimension) time does not exist. In the spirit world, the past, present and future exist simultaneously in one unique point and place.

How the Reiki and Matrix-2-Point treatments take place remotely

  • We define over the phone a goal to work on, which is usually why I was originally contacted.
  • We set a day and time for the treatment. It will then be my responsibility to send a short message a few minutes before starting.
  • The preparation of the environment in which you will receive the treatment is up to you: candles, soft lighting, soft relaxing music, perhaps essential oils or incense, blankets and pillows, so you can be in total comfort.
  • Both in the case of Reiki and Matrix-2-Point, the treatment is received comfortably lying down.
  • Plan to enjoy a moment of calm and silence without being disturbed by anyone or anything. Mobile phone in “airplane mode”!
  • The remote treatments last about 40 minutes, but it is advisable to organize yourself to be able to lie down in peace for as long as possible, in order to give the triggered changes time to set in and the body the possibility to sweetly and softly receive.
  • At the end of the treatment, I will record a message in the treatment report. After which we can calmly contact each other the same or following day for any questions.

How the session takes place of Reading performed remotely?

The session takes place remotely by phone. You can send me photos of yourself or others and I will tell you everything that the connection with the invisible world allows me to see. Various kinds of information will be received and at the end of the reading I will be happy to answer your questions.

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