Retreat in Tuscany
October 23-25​​, 2020

Retreat in Tuscany: “To all my children never born” • October 23-25, 2020

A work of reconnection with one’s Soul. Knowing your own subtle anatomy, learning personal spiritual hygiene, knowing how to recognize your Soul, create the connection, talk to it and receive answers. Learn to live naturally in tandem, connected to your Soul. This is what we will do during this weekend.

We will start on Friday at 2 pm (thanks for punctuality!) And finish on Sunday at 2 pm, so that everyone has time to go home for dinner and calmly start their week the following day.

During work I will try not to miss the time for a cuddle in the sun or in the pool! In fact, I chose to carry out the seminar practically at my home, a truly beautiful place! We will be at Podere Campaini, in the middle of Tuscany, surrounded by nature and equipped with a swimming pool.

Costo 180€

For questions regarding the structure and for your booking, please contact Cassandra (my sister) directly, so you can settle with her for all possible needs.
Cassandra Ph. [+39] 347 744 8369 •  •

For information on the retreat, call or send a Whatsapp message to Daiana.
Ph. [+33] 787608556

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