“My journey will last a long time and I have a long way to go.
I went out on my wagon in the early days of the day, and continued my journey through the deserts of the world
I left my mark on many stars and planets.
They are the most remote ways that bring you closer to yourself;
it is with the most arduous study that the simplicity of a melody is obtained.
The traveler must knock on many foreign doors to find to his,
and one must travel through all the outer worlds to finally reach the most secret shrine within the heart.
My eyes wandered far before I closed them saying: “Here you are!”
The cry and the question: “Where?” Melt into the tears of a thousand rivers and flood the world with certainty: “I am!”

(Rabindranath Tagore)

This poem by Rabindranath Tagore accompanied my first major change that I brought into my life in 1991. Today, however, I can say that I have never fully understood the meaning of these wonderful words. But I understand it now.
Now through Daiana I have truly started the “journey between a thousand stars and planets”. I started it a thousand years ago, and for a reason that I still don’t know, it was interrupted.
Daiana and my Friend Daniela, they took me by the hand and here I am. The Bach Flowers that Daiana recommended started the change: to undo some unexplainable knots. Then working with Reiki is helping me a lot on a psychophysical and metaphysical level.
Thanks Daiana. And Thanks Daniela who led me to you.

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