My introduction to Reiki was completely random, through a friend I met during my tango lessons… Later I realized that nothing comes by chance into your life and that, above all, these energy paths “choose” you just when you are ready for change… I consider myself very fortunate and I stress this word several times because I have undertaken this journey with a marvelous and truly wonderful person for me, Daiana, my holistic operator.
I immediately experienced empathy with her almost as though I had always known her, a strange thing, but she always knows how to tell me the right thing at the right time…I am learning to understand for the first time what I have to do to find my balance and my serenity , because she, this sweet woman, came to my heart and gave me hope. This does not mean that everything is easy, on the contrary, I often say to myself “I will never make it, but nothing comes without sacrifice and without a path, even if a bit painful, if we want to say so…often hardships of the soul are heavier than physical ones … Everything has a why even if sometimes it is not understandable, but my meeting with Daiana, yes, it has a why…this force of nature has taken me by the hand and given me tools to walk alone and slowly it helps me to find the light I have inside and to pull it out. I still have so far to walk, but I don’t feel alone in this, and I deeply feel that I have found the right path for me.
Thank you

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