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I was lucky to have had Daiana as my student at the Matrix-2-Point Courses. In the 3 days of intense work with the quantum field Daiana showed her innate aptitude to move at ease with the 2-point method and to interact in the field of infinite possibilities. The skills she has acquired over years of study and practice with other holistic techniques are able to expand the potential of the extraordinary 2-point technique. Daiana also has the ability to perceive in a very intuitive way the subtle bodies and energetic manifestations of a person and consequently to be able to work in the best way for each individual with a personalized path.


“My journey will last a long time and I have a long way to go.
I went out on my wagon in the early days of the day, and continued my journey through the deserts of the world
I left my mark on many stars and planets.
They are the most remote ways that bring you closer to yourself;
it is with the most arduous study that the simplicity of a melody is obtained.
The traveler must knock on many foreign doors to find to his,
and one must travel through all the outer worlds to finally reach the most secret shrine within the heart.
My eyes wandered far before I closed them saying: “Here you are!”
The cry and the question: “Where?” Melt into the tears of a thousand rivers and flood the world with certainty: “I am!”

(Rabindranath Tagore)

This poem by Rabindranath Tagore accompanied my first major change that I brought into my life in 1991. Today, however, I can say that I have never fully understood the meaning of these wonderful words. But I understand it now.
Now through Daiana I have truly started the “journey between a thousand stars and planets”. I started it a thousand years ago, and for a reason that I still don’t know, it was interrupted.
Daiana and my Friend Daniela, they took me by the hand and here I am. The Bach Flowers that Daiana recommended started the change: to undo some unexplainable knots. Then working with Reiki is helping me a lot on a psychophysical and metaphysical level.
Thanks Daiana. And Thanks Daniela who led me to you.


I love Daiana, luckily having met her: soft, warm, sincere, beautiful, very nice. With an incredible ability to listen, without judgment, she easily reads you inside and makes her knowledge available to you. Trust me, you will love it.


Diana was able to help me by answering the questions that I had asked for a long time and I reconnected to my true self… My life literally changed since meeting Daiana.
I highly recommend this Angel being…


Daiana est une très bonne animatrice de Reiki, véritable professionnelle. Permet une vrai détente que j’ai pu tester personnellement.


Daiana is a fantastic being, a free and very sweet soul that knows how to hit your problems immediately and takes care to make you think about what the possible solutions may be. Daiana I love you and your workshop has made me even stronger and more determined. A hug, dear.


Daiana is the link to the light!!!!!!!!! Your mind opens your heart and every sense towards the road that is the best for you!!!! A unique experience…And she’s a fantastic person!!!!!! A huge thank you Daiana!!! The journey has begun and now I want to run!!!!!!! You’re amazing!!!!!!


For about two years I felt like I was caged, crystallized in a series of situations that no longer belonged to me. I was looking for radical changes when I met Daiana. We did some treatments and after a week things started moving. In a short time, I changed my job, my home and many aspects of my inner life. I am very happy with all the changes made and all the results obtained!


My introduction to Reiki was completely random, through a friend I met during my tango lessons… Later I realized that nothing comes by chance into your life and that, above all, these energy paths “choose” you just when you are ready for change… I consider myself very fortunate and I stress this word several times because I have undertaken this journey with a marvelous and truly wonderful person for me, Daiana, my holistic operator.
I immediately experienced empathy with her almost as though I had always known her, a strange thing, but she always knows how to tell me the right thing at the right time…I am learning to understand for the first time what I have to do to find my balance and my serenity , because she, this sweet woman, came to my heart and gave me hope. This does not mean that everything is easy, on the contrary, I often say to myself “I will never make it, but nothing comes without sacrifice and without a path, even if a bit painful, if we want to say so…often hardships of the soul are heavier than physical ones … Everything has a why even if sometimes it is not understandable, but my meeting with Daiana, yes, it has a why…this force of nature has taken me by the hand and given me tools to walk alone and slowly it helps me to find the light I have inside and to pull it out. I still have so far to walk, but I don’t feel alone in this, and I deeply feel that I have found the right path for me.
Thank you


The seminar was a powerful and valuable experience. Daiana is a “door” that facilitates access to our most precious personal resources.


Dear Daiana, thanks to the universe we met under the auspice of a splendid full moon of the solstice…and from there we’ve met and revisited several times… Your strong energy immediately radiated within me and I trusted your hands, your words, your care… You are perfect in your role, with your knowledge and experience…Reiki, Matrix, Bach Flowers…and so much heart … This is the only way to take care of others, as you do…with your heart.
Thank you


I was lucky enough to meet Daiana in a difficult moment of my life: her professionalism combined with her humanity and sensitivity helped me a lot. The Reiki sessions taught me how to find myself and find the serenity I needed. The approach with Reiki has allowed me to develop another view of the world that revolves around us and another view of how to deal with everyday problems. Thanks Reiki!
Thanks Daiana Campaini!


Daiana was a lighthouse, a beacon. Like Ariadne who holds the thread that is leading me out of the labyrinth. Thank you


What’s there to say…she certainly has charisma, empathy and humanity…a combination that made contact with myself possible and harmonious, the link between my mind and my body…weightlessness!

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